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  1. Sort an array of 0s, 1s and 2s - GeeksforGeeks

    • Given an array A[] consisting 0s, 1s and 2s, write a function that sorts A[]. The functions should put all 0s first, then all 1s and all 2s in last.


  2. From 1 to 1,000,000 - Wait But Why | And a close up shot, showing the red dot

    • Million is actually the third number in that chain, with the dud 1 as the first number and 1,000 as the second number. And 1,000 is the key multiplier that defines the whole chain. That said, 1,000’s dirty secret is that it’s a fraud like 10 and can’t be made into a square.


  3. – What Are its Uses and Why is it Important?

    • The IANA defines special use IP addresses for IPv4 in RFC 3330: Special-Use IPv4 Addresses and for IPV6 in RFC 3513: Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) . RFC 3330 was the first specification to collect the various one-off definitions for special use IP addresses such as...


  4. 1&1 Login - Login to your Control Panel

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  5. The 0 & 1st power | Khan Academy

    • So this literally says, I'm going to take a 1, and I'm going to multiply by 2 zero times.
    • And this will also make sense if we start thinking of what 2 to the first power is. So let's go to this definition we just gave of the exponent.


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  7. Solution. Both matrices are in the upper triangular form, so we know the pivots. The rst matrix has 2 pivots and the second matrix has 3 pivots.

    • The pivot columns are second and fourth ones. The corresponding columns (1, 1, 0)T and (3, 4, 1)T from A form a basis in the column space C(A). The
    • b = (1, −1, 0). An example of vector b without a solution is (1, 0, 0). Vectors b for which the equation can be solved are perpendicular to y = (1, −1, 1).


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  9. The 1-D Heat Equation | 1.2 Initial condition and boundary conditions

    • But, in general, they will not individually satisfy the IC (9), un (x, 0) = Bn sin (nπx) = f (x) . We now apply the principle of superposition: if u1 and u2 are two solutions to the PDE (8) and BC (10), then c1u1 + c2u2 is also a solution, for any constants c1, c2.


  10. Patch 1.1.0 “World of Warcraft” Release (US) 7 November 2004 Version 4044 Interface .toc ...

    Racial traits are now available for all races. Each race receives at least 4 traits (several passive and at least one active trait per race). Undead racial traits have changed to be more consistent with the new traits and Undead players are now considered Humanoid targets rather than Undead targets.