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  1. How to Get Rusty Screws Out of a Toilet Tank | eHow

    • Toilet tank screws, in particular, have it tough. Not only do they become exposed to the moisture following a shower or bath, but a leak in the bowl above can drip down the screw, rusting it quickly.


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  3. Rusted Toilet Tank Bolts | Forum

    • I have a very old toilet that has started leaking around the tank bolts. A quick examination revealed a rusted mass under the bowl, the bolts and wing nuts have
    • Used a small piece of hacksaw blade to file out the slots in the tank holding screws heads inside the tank.


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  5. toilet - How to remove rusted tank bolts - Home Improvement Stack Exchange

    I would try a Dremel type tool with an abrasive cutoff wheel. Of course you need to be careful of the porcelain. I've cut many screws and bolts this way. If you can't cut the bolt, you may be able to cut the nut, in the direction of the bolt's axis, then pry the nut apart at the cut line.


  6. How to cut rusted toilet bolts from tank (in seconds)

    • I was planning on trying one of those "screw out" drill bits, but I think it would be tricky on this type of screw and very tight space in toilet tank. If this works...I'll even use it on the other screw which isn't rusted.


  7. How do I remove rusted toilet seat hardware? - repair screws pliers | Ask MetaFilter

    • So I have an OLD toilet seat with hardware that is pretty much completely rusted/broken down. I cannot get the nut down the plastic screw with ANY type of wrench/screwdriver/plier
    • Can you borrow a Dremel tool with the cutting wheel? I recently used one to cut off the tank bolts on an old toilet.


  8. Toilet Tank Rusty Bolts 101-1 - YouTube

    • How to Remove Stuck Toilet Tank Bolts - Duration: 3:12. Know How Now 6,437 views.
    • How To Remove Rusted Screw - Duration: 4:15. Bijay Singh Negi 7,295 views.


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  10. plumbing - How to loosen a rusted nut/screw - Home Improvement Stack Exchange

    • I have been trying the change the screws connecting the toilet tank, i managed to remove the tank but the nut it completely rusted and became one with the screw. I tried holding the screw in place and rotating the nut to no luck. next i used WD-40...